Why Us?

Ever since the Garden of Eden was sold and dinosaurs roamed the earth this is the place where self promoting brokers shout from cyberspace about their unique selling platforms, their proprietary database of well heeled buyers and the over abundance of integrity  and character  that course through their veins. The truth is no brokerage firm has all the exclusives or a straight jacket on the top investors. The reality is, the competition is fierce in a crowded marketplace as we all try to enchant reluctant sellers and hesitant buyers, utilizing the same toolbox as our colleagues.  
In retrospect, we wish we had a secret formula that would catapult us ahead of our competition with the click of a mouse, however the key to our longevity is there is no great reveal, no man behind the curtain, just the realization that all things being equal, people want to do business with people they like. Dale Staudigel and I have always believed in order for real estate to last, it must be built on a solid foundation of bricks and mortar. While we embrace social media we haven’t lost sight of the personal touch: face to face meetings, a firm hand shake, and the ability to listen. Whether  you are looking to strategically divest or purchase, let us sit down with you to pinpoint your real estate needs. We will not spend time telling you about all the transactions we've closed, instead we will ask, what is your foremost real estate requirement, and how can we be of service?
Ron Kleinberg